Michigan Amends Industrial Processing to Include Processing of Aggregate

Effective May 8, 2023, Michigan has expanded its Industrial Processing sales and use tax exemption to include property that processes aggregate.

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South Carolina: 2022 Update to Partial Property Tax Exemption for Manufacturing Properties

In tax year 2022, South Carolina Department of Revenue updated its policy on partial tax exemptions for both real and personal manufacturing property.

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2023 Indiana Business Tangible Personal Property Tax Filing Update

The Indiana General Assembly made a change to the small business personal property tax exemption.

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Michigan Industrial Personal Property Tax Phase-Out: Ten Years in the Making

The time to file the 2023 Michigan Personal Property Tax Returns is just around the corner. After ten years of phasing out the industrial personal property tax, the time has finally come when industrial taxpayer’s assessments are handled entirely by the State.

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Ohio has Repealed Sales Tax On Employment & Employment Placement Services

One July 1, 2021, Governor DeWine signed legislation repealing the state’s sales tax on employment and employment placement services.

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Indiana Repeals the Utility Receipts Tax & Utility Services Use Tax

Effective July, 1, 2022, the Indiana utility receipts tax and utility services use tax are repealed.

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North Carolina Readopts Rules for Recycling and Resource Recovery Equipment

For manufacturing companies whose process includes the recycling of production scrap back into the manufacturing process, North Carolina has readopted the rules that impact the taxability of this equipment. Effective March 2021, the NC DENR readopted the rules that govern the tax treatment for recycling and resource recovery equipment and facilities, 15A NCAC 13B, specifically Sections 1501, 1502 and 1503. Some of the more significant changes to be aware of include the following:

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Indiana Sales Tax – Software as a Service Ruled Not Taxable

The Indiana Department of Revenue recently issued a ruling that a company’s Software as a Service (SaaS) model which allows customers to access its prewritten software via the internet was not subject to Indiana sales and use tax.

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Increase In Exemption for the 2022 Indiana Business Tangible Personal Property Tax Filing

Beginning with the 2022 Indiana Business Tangible Personal Property filing, if the acquisition cost of a taxpayer’s total business personal property in a county is less than $80,000 as of the assessment date, the taxpayer’s business personal property in the county is exempt from taxation. This is an increase from the January 1, 2020, exemption which was $40,000.

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Florida TRIM Notices Coming Soon!

Florida taxpayers will soon receive their notices of value, known as TRIM (Truth in Millage) Notices, which will reflect the proposed 2021 property values for both real and personal property.

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Texas Roll Back Legislation

What is a roll-back tax?  What are the implications and how do they affect land owners?Texas values land exemptions according to the current utilization of the land.  Exemption considerations are in place for special use land such as agriculture (ag), timber, recreational, park, or scenic land.  The exemptions offered on special use land ease the tax burden for the land owner.

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Arkansas SUT Guidance on Pollution Control Machinery

Arkansas allows for an exemption from sales and use tax for the sales of pollution control machinery and equipment to a manufacturer.

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