Tax Audit Reduction of $2.1 Million

Baden Tax Management (BTM) recently represented a manufacturing company that was under audit by the Ohio Department of Taxation for consumer’s use tax. The audit included a 39-month review of the manufacturer’s purchases for its three production plants and administrative offices located in Ohio. At the time BTM was engaged, the manufacturer had received a preliminary audit report totaling over $4,900,000. The manufacturer was also given a short window to respond to the preliminary report. 

BTM took over the audit and worked directly with the auditor, the auditor’s supervisor and the client’s production staff to reduce the audit. The Baden Tax Management team toured each production facility and researched all purchases listed for assessment. After providing additional information and documentation to the auditor, we were able to reduce the audit from its original assessment of $4,900,000 down to $2,777,000, an audit reduction of $2,123,000.

If your company is in need of tax auditing services like this, don't hesitate to contact Baden Tax Management to experience tax savings.

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