Property Tax Compliance Outsourcing Options

Companies have traditionally had two options for handling their property tax compliance obligations: The use of in-house resources our outsourcing some or all of the process to third party service providers. The decision to outsource can be difficult due to the loss of control or the expectation that outsourcing will bring increased costs. Both are valid concerns, but in most cases there are solutions that allow companies to retain control and cut costs.

Property Tax Outsourcing

Any successful business understands the importance of the checks and balances system. In the tax industry, compliance outsourcing is a way for property tax specialists to partner with businesses in order to ensure their success. A company will often hire a property tax consulting firm for their compliance needs in hopes of experiencing property tax reductions, better organization, and overall ease. This means that this third party becomes an extension of their tax department. Outsourcing typically happens when a company does not have the resources to complete the property tax compliance process themselves or has determined that their internal resources can be put to more productive uses. In a traditional outsourcing engagement, the tax consulting firm typically handles all (or most) aspects of the property tax compliance process.

Property Tax Compliance Co-Sourcing

Some companies prefer more of a middle-ground between outsourcing and insourcing property tax compliance. This solution has helped companies succeed with their limited resources as well as limited expertise in property tax matters. Co-sourcing allows for part of the workload to be shared between the company and a third-party consulting firm like Baden Tax Management. The third party can complete a variety of different parts in the property tax compliance process to help companies in areas where they might struggle.

The Baden Difference

In business for over 25 years, our experienced tax consultants have a track record of generating tax reductions, meeting the specific needs and goals of clients through advanced tax software programs, and providing exceptional client service. As a nationwide property tax consulting firm, we’ve generated tax savings and decreased compliance costs for clients across the country.  If you are interested in learning more about how Baden Tax Management can reduce your personal property tax compliance burden (property taxes & compliance fees), schedule a call with one of our trusted advisors today

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