Personal Property Tax Reduction Strategies

  • Initial Review & Reconciliation 
    • Reconcile previously filed renditions to the fixed asset data
    • Gain complete understanding of current filing methodologies and classifications
    • Utilize a coding system to manage asset classifications, changes and savings calculations
  • Preliminary Analysis & Site Visit

    • Identify potential areas for savings
    • Plan and organize the site visit to ensure efficiency of on-site client personnel
    • Discussions with plant personnel to gain better understanding of the manufacturing process
    • Review details of specific assets
    • Review capitalization documents, policies and procedures
  • Detailed Examination & Analysis

    • Review findings and results
    • Follow-up with on-site personnel to answer any outstanding questions
    • Identify exemptions and exclusions
    • Analyze inventory
    • Develop a component cost segregation and analysis
    • Finalize re-classifications
      • Special tooling
      • Pollution Control
      • Software/programming
      • Intangibles
      • Real property
      • Idle assets
      • Economic/functional obsolescence
    • Complete valuation analysis
    • Review any exposure issues
  • Recommendation

    • Present and discuss tax reductions opportunities
    • Review tax impact and filing considerations
    • Obtaining final client approval
  • Implementation 

    • Preparation of returns, including inventory and abatements
  • Ongoing Support

    • Full audit/appeal support
    • Future compliance services
    • Future planning and tax reduction
      • Provide accrual and reporting information as necessary
      • Tax abatement, exemption & IFT opportunities
    • Periodic review


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