If you’re new to the world of property tax and are looking for information about property assessments and taxes, have you ever thought about where to begin your search? So much information is available in so many different places that the thought of where to begin may seem overwhelming. The first and best place to start is with property tax assessment notices and tax bills, both of which provide a host of valuable information. However, unless your client has provided these documents to you, finding them on your own can sometimes be a challenge.

One of the best sources for general as well as specific property tax information can be found on Assessor and Collector websites. County, Township, City or other assessing authority websites provide general assessment information, links to property tax forms, return filing dates, appeal deadlines, contact information and much more. Many of these sites also offer property specific information through a mapping or GIS (Geographical Information Systems) program. Property maps, property record cards, current and prior year assessment history, ownership history and other assessment information can be found using Assessor websites. Collector and treasurer websites generally offer information about taxes including a history of taxes paid, tax rates, due dates, payment options and other information related to the calculation and payment of property taxes.

Other options for researching or finding general property tax information is from sources that collect and publish data into a single place of reference. Some of these sources include U.S. Master Property Tax Guide published by CCH, Marshall & Swift Valuation Services published by CoreLogic, and TaxNetUSA.

Whether searching for an assessment, tax liability or general property tax information, bookmark these sites because you just may find you’ll need them more than you ever thought possible!

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