Discover New Tax Savings for Your Company

At Baden Tax Management, we help you minimize your time and maximize your tax savings providing you with extremely effective and efficient solutions.  The benefit you receive: Industry Leading Value.  Let us help you take the stress and uncertainty out of your property and sales tax equation.  When Baden is in on your side, you have a whole team who not only cares about your success, we relish the opportunity to be part of it.

Personal Property Tax Consulting

At Baden, our personal property tax service is not a “review.” We utilize an innovative, in-depth approach to ensure our client’s obtain superior results. Through this process we identify and implement tax reduction strategies that generate immediate results and also create tax savings annuities for your future. For 25 years our process has consistently produced additional tax savings for our clients, and regardless of your situation or past efforts we can help you too.

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Real Property Tax Consulting

Since real property tax values are established by local government, it’s imperative for you to have a partner on your team. At Baden, we utilize the most current market data and valuation tools available to scrutinize the accuracy of our client’s assessments. We take the time necessary to understand the intricacies of each property to ensure your property is valued fairly. Over the years, we have built an outstanding reputation for settling appeals while maintaining a good working relationship between property owners and local communities.

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Compliance Outsourcing & Co-Sourcing

At Baden, we believe our compliance outsourcing and co-sourcing services are a partnership with our clients. In essence, we become an extension of their property tax team. We provide property tax filing services, including complete turn-key programs, to a wide variety of companies throughout the country. Using a variety of tax software platforms, we design engagements to meet the specific goals and objectives of each client. Our process also focuses generating tax reductions and providing a unique and ultra-responsive client service experience.

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Sales & Use Tax Consulting

With sales & use tax, we help our clients by being proactive advocates. In today’s business environment, you must stay a step ahead to succeed, and one way we accomplish this is through our reverse audit projects. This process alone, enables our clients to gain a full understanding of their sales & use tax liability, in many cases generate valuable refunds, and also point out any exposure issues that can be addressed to mitigate future liabilities.

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Need Help?

We’re here to assist you – our team designs customized solutions for each client specifically. We appreciate the fact that every case is unique, and our approach and process is fashioned to be flexible in order to meet the needs of everyone we work with.