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Verdict Reached in Minnesota Supreme Court Case

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled against a big-box retailer, finding that the Tax Court properly valued the subject property. The Tax Court placed greater weight on the cost approach (75%) than the sales comparison approach.

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Railroad Software Exempt from Property Taxes

The Seventh Circuit in the U.S. Court of Appeals recently ruled an exemption on property tax for a railroad's custom software in Wisconsin.

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Ready Set GO! Part 2

That now that 2020 is off to a great start, it's time to get busy getting all the necessary information for the 2020 property tax compliance season.

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Accruals: A Dreaded Process or a Healthy Approach to Fiscal Balance

Is it time to re-evaluate your accrual and budgeting process? Step into the new year with an accrual process that sets you up for a successful fiscal balance!

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Ohio Sales & Use Tax Audit – Audit Defense

After representing a manufacturing company that was under audit by the Ohio Department of Taxation, our tax management firm was able to reduce the audit by $2.1 million dollars.

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Ready Set GO! 2020 Property Tax Compliance

It's annual property tax compliance season, and for personal property tax professionals, it's time to discuss what's going on in your business and with your assets.

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TEXAS: Rendition Deadline is a Moving Target for 2020

Change to the rendition filing deadline in Texas is also impacting the initial 30-day extended filing deadline. This impact could cost business owners thousands in property taxes if not done correctly.

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Texas Personal Property Tax Ruling

The Texas Court of Appeals recently ruled that a taxpayer was not liable as a successor for delinquent personal property taxes of the entity.

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Indiana Property Tax Abatements & Incentives

As the economy continues to strengthen, companies are growing their businesses and making new investments. Tax and financial incentives may be available for manufacturers that are investing in Indiana operations.

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Property Tax Outsourcing & Co-Sourcing

Utilizing property tax compliance outsourcing or property tax compliance co-sourcing is a way to save internal resources & have trusted property tax consultants come alongside your business.

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Industrial Market Study for Indiana Real Property Tax

Trusted tax advisors advocating for Indiana's taxpayers conducted an industry market study on Indiana's real property tax. Contact 260-969-2593 to learn more.

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